In our centres, we will assess you thoroughly to find out the main cause that leads to your problems. From there, we will prescribe you the exercise which will help you to correct your problem. During the exercise rehabilitation session, our team of professionals will guide you step by step on how to perform the exercise correctly and safely. 



What is Exercise in Rehabilitation?

Every person’s problems is different and has a different cause. We look at everyone differently and there are no one solution for every problems. We need to find out the main cause for your problem before we can decide which exercises are the most suitable to you. Exercises in Rehabilitation are very specific exercises tailored to your every client's need and the purpose of the exercises is to correct the imbalances of the muscles, joints and movements. 

How does Exercise works?

Exercises is not a instant cure. It takes time for your body to change. Our exercises are very specific, we stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles. Often, we need to treat the trigger points in the muscles itself before prescribing the exercises as it may worsen the problems.